Maxima Data Products at LAMBDA

as published in Hanany, S., et al., 2000, ApJ545, L5
and Balbi, A., et al., 2000, ApJ545, L1, erratum-ibid 558, L145

Maxima-1 Calibrated Sky Map
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4-Detector Skymap With 8 Arcminute Pixels
A portable FITS file containing the 4-detector MAXIMA-1 map, pixelized with 8 arcminute resolution. More...
1 file 136 MB
Beam Window Function for Skymap
A text file of B_l, the beam window function, as it depends on the multipole l. This is an effective beam function for the 4-detector combination. To remove the affect of beam size from your analysis, divide the power spectrum by the square of these numbers.
1 file 25 KB
Maxima-1 Derived CMB Products
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Angular Power Spectrum
Band powers and uncertainties based on the 5-arcmin data. More...
1 file 24 KB
Fisher Matrix
The fisher (inverse correlation) matrix for the above band powers. More...
1 file 1.7 KB
Offset Lognormal Parameters
Parameters needed for the offset lognormal ansatz for the likelihood. More...
1 file 81 B
L-Bins for Bandpowers
The list of l bins used in calculating the band powers. More...
1 file 100 B
Window Function Uncertainty
Fractional uncertainty in the power in each bin due to the uncertainty in the beam measurement. More...
1 file 100 B
Beam and Pixel Window Function
The experimental beam window function, convolved with the pixel window function. More...
1 file 33 KB
All derived Products
A .tar file of the 6 derived CMB products listed above.
1 file 102 KB

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