QMAP Data Products on LAMBDA

The design and performance of the instrument and results from the first
flight are presented in Devlin et al. (1998).

The calibration and pointing are discussed and results from the second flight are
presented in Herbig et al. (1998).

The mapmaking process and power spectrum extraction and combined results
from both flights are presented in de Oliveira-Costa et al. (1998).

Sky Maps From Both Flights of QMAP
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Description No. of
Raw Maps
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In these sky maps, each row corresponds to a pixel on the sky. The five columns are x, y, z, T and sigma, where (x,y,z) is a unit vector in the direction of the pixel in equatorial coordinates, T is the measured temperature fluctuation and sigma is the rms noise. T and sigma are in units of micro-Kelvin.
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Wiener-filtered Maps
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Since some pixels are much noisier than others and there are noise correlations between pixels, Wiener filtered maps are more useful than the raw ones for visual inspection. The pixels are in the same order as for the raw maps.
6 files ~69 KB each

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