QUaD Galactic Plane Survey

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The QUaD galactic plane survey features:

  • Maps of 800 square degrees of the southern sky
  • Stokes I, Q and U parameters at 100 and 150 GHz (5 and 3.5 arcmin resolution respectively)
  • Raw 0.02°× 0.02° pixel maps and 'coarse' 0.5°× 0.5° pixel maps
  • A compact source catalog - see Culverhouse et. al. 2010b

Please cite Culverhouse et al. 2010 if you use the QUaD galactic maps in your work, or Culverhouse et al. 2010b if you use the point source catalog in your work.

Send inquiries to tom `at' ovro.caltech.edu.

QUaD Image Download

Maps - FITS format - MJy/sr units

Maps - Matab format - MJy/sr units

Images are stored as matlab structures called 'map'. The structure has length 2, one for each frequency, and each frequency has 'T', 'Q' and 'U' maps, corresponding to Stokes I, Q and U parameters in each map pixel. The QuaD maps follow the IAU polarization convention. A corresponding structure 'm' contains the axes information; m.x_tic gives the RA coordinates, m.y_tic gives the dec coordinates.

To look at the 150 GHz T map, in matlab do:
>> imagesc(m.x_tic,m.y_tic,map(2).T).

For the 100 GHz U map, do:
>> imagesc(m.x_tic,m.y_tic,map(1).U).

Compact Source Catalog

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