QUIET First and Second Season Galaxy Ancillary Data

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This product contains ancillary data for QUIET's 1st+2nd season galactic fields data release. The first set of ancillary data are the beam files. One is labeled 'instrumental' and the other is labelel 'effective'. The instrumental beam corresponds to the instantaneous beam profile of the instrument and is useful for calibration, observations of planets, etc. The effective beam corresponds to the beam after map-making. This is different from the instrumental beam due to pointing uncertainties. The telescope mount is slightly flexible, so it produces an additional smoothing term when averaging over pointing uncertainties and must be accounted for in the final map and any derived products such as the power spectrum estimation.

While the Q-band bandpass profile corresponds to a properly co-added average over detectors, the W-band profile is simply a representative profile for a typical detector. It therefore has an additional uncertainty.

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