QUIET Second Season (W-band) Results Description

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This product contains QUIET Second Season results. These observations were done at 95 GHz and are explained in detail in the QUIET collaboration's second season publication. (arXiv:1207.5034). See also the QUIET Web Page.
The two files contain the QUIET bandpowers for the ML and PCL analysis pipelines, as described in the paper.

The file format is:

lmin lmax EE +dEE -dEE EE/q +dEE/q -dEE/q BB +dBB -dBB EB +dEB -dEB BB 95% U.L.

For each file, the upper and lower error bars for the spectrum XX are denoted +dXX and -dXX, respectively.
Columns of (EE/q, +dEE/q, -dEE/q) give the EE spectrum shape normalized to q=1.

Systematic errors are listed in the publication.

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