SPIDER Publications

  • A New Limit on CMB Circular Polarization from SPIDER
    Nagy, J. M., et.al., 2017, ApJ.., 844, 151N
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Design of 280 GHz feedhorn-coupled TES arrays for the balloon-borne polarimeter SPIDER
    Hubmayr, Johannes, et.al., 2016, SPIE, 9914E, 0VH
    ADS / astro-ph

  • A cryogenic rotation stage with a large clear aperture for the half-wave plates in the Spider instrument
    Bryan, Sean, et.al., 2016, RScI.., 87a4501B
    ADS / astro-ph

  • The Thermal Design, Characterization, and Performance of the SPIDER Long-Duration Balloon Cryostat
    Gudmundsson, J. E., et.al., 2015, Cryo.., 72, 65G
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Antenna-coupled TES bolometers used in BICEP2, Keck array, and SPIDER
    Ade, P. A. R., et.al., 2015, ApJ.., 812, 176A
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Attitude determination for balloon-borne experiments
    Gandilo, N. N., et.al., 2014, SPIE, 9145E, 2UG
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Pre-flight integration and characterization of the SPIDER balloon-borne telescope
    Rahlin, A. S., et.al., 2014, SPIE, 9153E, 13R
    ADS / astro-ph

  • BLASTbus electronics: general-purpose readout and control for balloon-borne experiments
    Benton, S. J., et.al., 2014, SPIE, 9145E, 0VB
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Design and construction of a carbon fiber gondola for the SPIDER balloon-borne telescope
    Soler, J. D., et.al., 2014, SPIE, 9145E, 0TS
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Pointing control for the SPIDER balloon-borne telescope
    Shariff, Jamil A., et.al., 2014, SPIE, 9145E, 0US
    ADS / astro-ph

  • SPIDER: Probing the Early Universe with a Suborbital Polarimeter
    Fraisse, A. A., et.al., 2013, JCAP.., 04, 047F
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Thermal architecture for the SPIDER flight cryostat
    Gudmundsson, J. E., et.al., 2010, SPIE, 7741E, 1MG
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Design and performance of the Spider instrument
    Runyan, M. C., et.al., 2010, SPIE, 7741E, 1OR
    ADS / astro-ph

  • SPIDER: a balloon-borne CMB polarimeter for large angular scales
    Filippini, J. P., et.al., 2010, SPIE, 7741E, 1NF
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Spider Optimization II: Optical, Magnetic and Foreground Effects
    O'Dea, D. T., et.al., 2011, ApJ.., 738, 63O
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Modeling and characterization of the SPIDER half-wave plate
    Bryan, Sean A., et.al., 2010, SPIE, 7741E, 2BB
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Spider Optimization: Probing the Systematics of a Large Scale B-Mode Experiment
    MacTavish, C. J., et.al., 2008, ApJ.., 689, 655M
    ADS / astro-ph

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