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Two-Dimensional Beam Functions for 2008 Season

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These files contain two-dimensional beam functions for South Pole Telescope (SPT) observations during the 2008 season for the 150 GHz and 220 GHz bands, produced for the first SPT data release in December 2011.

The two-dimensional beam functions were stitched together using observations of quasars in the 2008 observing fields for the inner 4 arcminutes of the beam, and dedicated observations of Venus and Jupiter for the outer beam. The beam functions are stored in the primary image arrays of FITS files as 721-pixel by 721-pixel grids with a pixel size of 0.125 arcminutes. The beam functions are presented in the Cartesian projection with an arbitrary center for the coordinate system.

A complete description of the observations, data processing, calibration, instrument response, and mapmaking process for this data release is in Schaffer et al. 2011, ApJ, 743, 90.

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