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We provide the minimum-variance combination of the SPT-3G 2018 multi-frequency EE and TE Bandpowers from observations over a four-month period in 2018. The bandpowers cover the angular multipole range 300 < ell <= 3000 in bins of delta_ell = 50 between 301 < ell < 200 and delta_ell = 100 from 2001 < ell <= 3000. The bandpowers, bandpower errors, and associated bandcenters, are provided for plotting in a text file. Bandpowers and uncertainties are given in D_ell units of uK^2. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) ell_min, (2) ell_max, (3) TE ell_center, (4) TE, (5) sigma_TE, (6) EE ell_center, (7) EE, (8) sigma_EE. Note that these bandpowers include power from foregrounds, such as Galactic dust and point sources, though we do not significantly detect this power. Foreground terms are included in our likelihood model and priors for them may be adjusted by editing the accompanying files provided in the likelihood package below. If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use, please contact Daniel Dutcher (ddutcher_at_uchicago_dot_edu).

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  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site
  • Dutcher et al.(2021), "Measurements of the E-Mode Polarization and Temperature-E-Mode Correlation of the CMB
    from SPT-3G 2018 Data”, arXiv:2101.01684

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