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2018 Likelihood

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We provide files in a gzipped tarball, that can be added to the May 2020 version of CosmoMC to interface with the SPT-3G 2018 EE/TE bandpowers discussed above. These files include the SPT-3G likelihood, SPT-3G data (multi-frequency bandpowers, covariance matrix, bandpower window functions, beam covariance, effective band centres, and calibration covariance), batch file, a sample .ini file including the baseline priors on foreground parameters, a proposal matrix for LCDM assuming the baseline priors, and a README with instructions for how to compile CosmoMC with the SPT-3G 2018 EE/TE likelihood. If you have any questions regarding the use of this likelihood, please contact Lennart Balkenhol (lbalkenhol_at_student_dot_unimelb_dot_edu_dot_au)).

A version of the SPT-3G likelihood code in the “clik” format used by the Planck Collaboration is available on GitHub at https://github.com/SouthPoleTelescope/spt3g_y1_dist.

October 2021 Update (v3): Update to final calibration and beam covariance. This update had a negligible effect on most parameter constraints, particularly when SPT-3G and Planck are combined. See SPT page for details.

Additional Details:

  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site
  • Balkenhol et al. (2021) "Constraints on ΛCDM Extensions
    from the SPT-3G 2018 EE and TE Power Spectra”, arXiv:2103.13618.

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