South Pole Telescope (SPT)

Combined SPT-SZ and Planck Temperature Maps

Combined Data Maps

The combined data maps, in Healpix format, with resolution parameter Nside = 8192. The maps are in Equatorial coordinates, and in RING ordering. The resolution is 1.85 arcmin. They can be easily read using the healpy read_map function.

Combined Null Maps

Five combined null maps for each band (15 maps in total), in the same format as the combined data maps. These maps should contain no astrophysical signal but have the same noise properties as the data.

Combined Data Alms

The spherical harmonic coefficients of the combined data maps. The inverse spherical harmonic transform of these is equal to the combined data maps.

M_lm Filters

The two-dimensional filter M_lm. These are double precision real arrays, and are indexed the same as the alm arrays. The alms for each frequency band have been multiplied by their corresponding filters (indicated by the filenames).

Additional Details:

  • These products are described in the publication arXiv:1803.10682. Maps of the Southern Millimeter-wave Sky from Combined 2500 deg2 SPT-SZ and Planck Temperature Data ADS
  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site.

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