South Pole Telescope (SPT)

Combined SPT-SZ and Planck Temperature Maps

SPT Filter Transfer Functions

The filter transfer functions (t_lm as described in the paper) for each SPT-SZ data map, up to lmax = 10000. These are stored in the same way as the combined data a_lm files. Note that t_lm does not include the 1.75 arcmin Gaussian beam.

SPT Gaussian Beam

The 1.75 arcmin FWHM Gaussian beam (B_l). This is a binary file containing the value of B_l from l=0 to l=10000.


The boundary and point source mask that was used in the analysis. This is in Healpix format, Nside = 8192, and in Equatorial coordinates.

Boundary Mask

The boundary mask that was applied to the SPT-only data products.

Python Script

A python script containing an example of how the alm's and M_lm files are read, and how one might alter the filtering in the maps if desired.

Additional Details:

  • These products are described in the publication arXiv:1803.10682. Maps of the Southern Millimeter-wave Sky from Combined 2500 deg2 SPT-SZ and Planck Temperature Data ADS
  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site.

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