South Pole Telescope (SPT)

2019 Multifrequency Power Spectra

Bandpowers, covariance matrix, and window functions

This page provides data products associated with the multifrequency SPT-SZ power spectrum measurement described in Mocanu et al., 2019. The power spectra at 95, 150 and 220 GHz are presented over the angular multipole range 650 < ell < 3000.

The file dl.txt contains nominal ell bin centers and bandpower values D_l = l(l+1)/2pi*C_l in units of uK^2 for the multifrequency SPT-SZ data used in Mocanu et al. (2019). The auto- and cross-frequency bandpowers are ordered as follows: 95x95, 95x150, 95x220, 150x150, 150x220, 220x220, with 47 ell-space bins for each frequency combination (282 bandpowers in total). The blocks in the associated covariance matrix in the unformatted binary file cov are ordered similarly. The covariance matrix has 282*282 elements and includes contributions from noise, sample variance, and beam and calibration uncertainties. The bandpower window functions are stored in the unformatted binary file wf, which has 4651*282 total elements. Each of the 282 window functions is defined from ell=0 to ell=4650 and is associated with the bandpower given by the ordering above.

UPDATE 16NOV20: Replaced covariance matrix file with a copy in which the beam and calibration elements were calculated using a data model that includes foregrounds. (The original was the version used in the linear fit in the paper, which was appropriate for bandpowers in which a best-fit foreground model had been subtracted.)

Additional Details:

  • The information on this page is taken from this SPT page.
  • If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use, please contact Tom Crawford (tcrawfor_at_kicp_dot_uchicago_dot_edu).

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