South Pole Telescope (SPT)

2017 Joint SPT-Planck Lensing Analysis


Bandpowers and uncertainties are given in [L_b(L_b + 1)]2 /2/pi units. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) bin number, (2) L_min, (3) L_max, (4) center of bin, (5) estimated clpp bandpower, (6) sigma on the estimated clpp bandpower, (7) lensing amplitude compared to the base_plikHM_TT_lowTEB_lensing cosmology.

These bandpowers are foreground subtracted, where the lensing foreground model has been taken from van Engelen et al. (2014) (astro-ph/1310.7023). Note that the lensing bandpowers plotted in Fig. 5 of Omori et al. (2017) are not foreground subtracted, whereas the ones in Fig. 1 of Simard et al. (2017) are.

Likelihood Code

The attached directory can be added to the November 2016 version of CosmoMC. The CosmoMC dataset contains the foreground template removed lensing bandpowers, the corresponding lensing bandpowers covariance matrix and the lensing linear corrections. The appropriate batch files are provided as well. A simple README file provides details on where to place these files within a working CosmoMC environnement. No recompilation of CosmoMC is required, as this likelihood uses a generic Gaussian likelihood structure existing within CosmoMC.

Data Convergence Map

HEALPix alm format, equatorial coordinates.

Simulated Convergence Maps

HEALPix alm format, equatorial coordinates. 10 realizations.

Analysis Mask

HEALPix map format, Nside=4096, ordering=RING, equatorial coordinates. The mask removes circular regions with r = 3', 6', 9' for point sources in the flux density ranges 6 < F150 < 50, 50 < F150 < 500 and F150 > 500mJy respectively centred at the point sources. It also masks clusters above xi > 4.5 with an r = 5' aperture.

Additional Details:

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