South Pole Telescope (SPT)

2014 Millimeter Wavelength Power Spectra

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Power spectra are presented over the multipole range 2000 < ell < 9400 at 95 GHz and 2000 < ell < 11000 at 150 and 220 GHz. The power spectra can be used to refine models of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect and cosmic infrared background.

These are the SPT bandpowers for 95x95, 95x150, 95x220, 150x150, 150x220, and 220x220 GHz from the full 2500 square degree SPT-sz survey observations from 2008-2011. The bandpowers cover the multipole range 2000 < ell < 11000. All bandpowers have point sources masked above 6.4 mJy at 150 GHz. The bandpowers are available in two versions. One version has no galaxy clusters masked, and the other version has galaxy clusters detected above 5 sigma in the SPT maps masked. See George et al. 2014 for details of the point source and cluster masking.

The bandpowers, covariances, window functions, and SPT format info file for the standard bandpowers are in the gzipped tarball bandpowers_spt_multif_2500deg2.tar.gz.

The bandpowers, covariances, window functions, and SPT format info file for the cluster masked bandpowers are in the gzipped tarball bandpowers_spt_multif_clustermasked_2500deg2.tar.gz.

Bandpowers for plotting are in the text file g14_dls.txt. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) lower bin edge, (2) upper bin edge, (3) bin center, (4) 95x95 bandpower, (5) 95x95 bandpower uncertainty, (6) 95x150 bandpower, (7) 95x150 bandpower uncertainty, (8) 95x220 bandpower, (9) 95x220 bandpower uncertainty, (10) 150x150 bandpower, (11) 150x150 bandpower uncertainty, (12) 150x220 bandpower, (13) 150x220 bandpower uncertainty, (14) 220x220 bandpower, (15) 220x220 bandpower uncertainty.

Likelihood Code

Code modules are in the gzipped tarball cosmomc_nov13_SPTmodules.tar.gz. The files are intended to replace files for the November 2013 version of cosmomc.

Additional Details:

  • The information on this page is taken from this SPT site.
  • George et al. (2014), "A measurement of secondary cosmic microwave background anisotropies from the 2500-square-degree SPT-SZ survey", arXiv:1408.3161.

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