South Pole Telescope (SPT)

Spectra 2010 Data

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Point-source-subtracted bandpowers are calculated for a linear combination of the 150 and 220 GHz maps (map150 - 0.325 * map220) designed to remove foreground emission from dusty star-forming galaxies. The CosmoMC data files are in a gzipped tarball. The contents of the tarball consist of .newdat file and directory with window functions in text format. Spectrum_dsfg.newdat has bandpowers, uncertainties, and beam and calibration uncertainties. The window functions can be found in window_spt/window_XX, where XX is the bin number. In the window function files, the first column is ell and the second column is W_ell/ell. A text file with the bandpowers for plotting can be found here. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) ell_lower, (2) ell_upper, (3) ell_effective, (4) bandpower, and (5) bandpower uncertainty.

Multi-frequency bandpowers are calculated for 150x150, 150x220 and 220x220 spectra. The bandpowers, covariances, window functions and beam error files are here in a gzipped tarball. A text file with the bandpowers is also provided. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) ell_lower, (2) ell_upper, (3) ell_effective, (4) bandpower for 150x150, (5) bandpower uncertainty for 150x150, (6) bandpower for 150x220, (7) bandpower uncertainty for 150x220, (8) bandpower for 220x220, and (9) bandpower uncertainty for 220x220.

The code modules and instructions for incorporating the modules into the May 2010 version of CosmoMC provided in a gzipped tarball (Right click and save).

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  • "Shirokoff et al. 2010, "Improved constraints on cosmic microwave background secondary anisotropies from the complete 2008 South Pole Telescope data", arXiv:1012.4788v1

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