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These are the SPT 150 GHz Bandpowers from 2008+2009 observations. The bandpowers cover the multipole range 650 < ell < 3000.

Note that these bandpowers include power from foreground components such as SZ and point sources. The contributions from these components must be accounted for in order to properly analyze the SPT bandpowers, as described in Section 4.1 of Keisler et al. For convenience we give the ell-space templates for these components (in "units" of D_ell=C_ell*ell*(ell+1)/2PI and normalized to equal 1 at ell=3000):

The prior on the amplitude of the SZ (tSZ+kSZ) component (template) is D3000 = 5.5 +/- 3.0 uK^2.

The prior on the amplitude of the Poisson point source component (template) is D3000 = 19.3 +/- 3.5 uK^2.

The prior on the amplitude of the clustered point source component (template) is D3000 = 5.0 +/- 2.5 uK^2.

The foreground amplitudes are also required to be positive. The bandpowers, covariances and window functions are available in a gzipped tarball.

A text file with the bandpowers for plotting is also provided. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) ell_center (2) bandpower for 150x150, (3) bandpower uncertainty for 150x150. Each ell bin has the same width: 50.

If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use, please contact Ryan Keisler (

Parameter Tables and Markov Chains

As described in Keisler et al. the baseline model assumes a spatially flat, LCDM cosmological model. Neff is fixed to 3.046 in all models except for the LCDM+Neff models, in which case Neff is free. The primordial helium abundance is calculated using the PArthENoPE BBN code (Pisanti et al., 2008, Computer Physics Communications 178, 956) in all models except the LCDM+helium model, in which case Yp is free. In the LCDM+helium+Neff model, both Yp and Neff are free and independent of each other.

Parameter Tables and Markov Chains by model
ΛCDM, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+A_L, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+tensors, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+running, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+helium, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+Neff, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM+helium+Neff, SPT+WMAP7 parameters chain
ΛCDM, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+A_L, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+tensors, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+running, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+helium, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+Neff, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO parameters chain
ΛCDM+running, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO+Clusters parameters chain
ΛCDM+helium, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO+Clusters parameters chain
ΛCDM+Neff, SPT+WMAP7+H0+BAO+Clusters parameters chain

Likelihood code

We provide a version of cosmoMC + CAMB that has been modified to interface with the CMB data presented in the SPT paper, "A Measurement of the Damping Tail of the Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum with the South Pole Telescope", Keisler et al, 2011 ("K11"). The code will automatically marginalize over the three foreground components described in K11 and allow the user to explore constraints on the lensing amplitude, the primordial helium abundance, and the effective number of relativistic species.

This is not the exact likelihood code used in K11, but the differences in parameter constraints are not statistically significant. We provide only those cosmoMC/CAMB files that were modified. Please read the full discription before using.

Likelihood code
Likelihood code full description

Additional Details:

  • "Keisler et al. 2011,"A Measurement of the Damping Tail of the Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum with the South Pole Telescope", arXiv:1105.3182v1

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