SPTpol Data Products

2015 Bandpowers, Likelihood Code


We provide the SPTpol 95x95, 95x150, 150x150, and inverse-variance-weighted combined BB Bandpowers and uncertainties from 2012 and 2013 deep field observations. The bandpowers cover the multipole range 300 <= ell <= 2300 in bins of delta-ell = 400. Values given are \ell_center C_l and the units are [10^{-3} uK^2].

Bandcenters, bandpowers, and bandpower errors for plotting are provided in the text file bandpowers_sptpol_100deg2_BB.txt. Each row is one ell-bin and follows Table 1 of Keisler et al., 2015. The columns are (1) ell_center, (2) ell_min, (3) ell_max, (4) 95x95 bandpower, (5) 95x95 bandpower uncertainty, (6) 95x150 bandpower, (7) 95x150 bandpower uncertainty, (8) 150x150 bandpower, (9) 150x150 bandpower uncertainty, (10) inverse-variance-weighted combined bandpower, and (11) inverse-variance-weighted combined bandpower uncertainty.

If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use, please contact Ryan Keisler, Jason Henning.

Likelihood Code

We provide files in the gzipped tarball sptpolBB_cosmomc_oct13.tar.gz that can be added to the Oct13 version of CosmoMC to interface with the SPTpol BB bandpowers discussed above. These files include the SPTpol likelihood, SPTpol data (bandpowers, covariance matrix, and bandpower window functions), batch file, an example runscript, and a README with instructions for how to modify a Makefile to compile CosmoMC with the SPTpol likelihood.

Additional Details:

  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site.
  • Keisler et al., 2015, "Measurements of Sub-degree B-mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background from 100 Square Degrees of SPTpol Data",

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