SPTpol Data Products

2017 Bandpowers, Likelihood Code

If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use, please contact Jason Henning (jhenning_at_kicp_dot_uchicago_dot_edu) or Christian Reichardt (christian_dot_reichardt_at_unimelb_dot_edu_dot_au).


We provide the SPTpol 150 GHz TT, EE, and TE Bandpowers from observations between April 30, 2013 and October 26, 2015. The bandpowers cover the multipole range 50 < ell <= 8000 in bins of delta_ell = 50 between 51 < ell < 2000, δ_ell = 100 from 2001 < ell <= 3000, and δ_ell = 500 from 3001 < ell <= 8000.

Bandcenters, bandpowers, and bandpower errors for plotting are provided in the text file bandpowers_sptpol_500deg2_TTEETE.txt. Bandpowers and uncertainties are given in D_ell units of uK2. Each row is one ell-bin. The columns are (1) ell_min, (2) ell_max, (3) TT ell_center, (4) TT, (5) sigma_TT, (3) EE ell_center, (4) EE, (5) sigma_EE, (3) TE ell_center, (4) TE, and (5) sigma_TE.

Note that these bandpowers include power from foregrounds, such as Galactic dust and point sources, though we do not significantly detect this power. Foreground terms are included in our likelihood model and priors for them may be adjusted by editing the accompanying SPTpol batch file provided in the likelihood package below.

Likelihood Code

We provide files in the gzipped tarball sptpol_cosmomc_nov16_v1p3.tar.gz that can be added to the Nov16 version of CosmoMC to interface with the SPTpol EE and TE bandpowers discussed above. These files include the SPTpol likelihood, SPTpol data (bandpowers, covariance matrix, bandpower window functions, and beam error eigenvectors), batch file, and a README with instructions for how to compile CosmoMC with the SPTpol likelihood.

v1.0: July 30, 2017 - Initial version released with arXiv submission.
v1.1: August 10, 2017 - LnLike now returns with covariance determinant term removed so that χ2 = -2LnLike. Also fixed
small typo in Pcal prior (results unaffected).
v1.2: October 31, 2017 - Added datasets for low-ell and high-ell data splits.
v1.3: July 20, 2018 - Fixes scaling problem in TExEE covariance block when fitting only EE or only TE bandpowers.

Additional Details:

  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site.
  • Henning et al. 2017, "Measurements of the Temperature and E-Mode Polarization of the CMB from 500 Square Degrees of SPTpol Data", astro-ph/1707.09353

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