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Native Animals Experiment

TopHat in Antarctica
For a weekend assignment, each student is asked to record and sketch all the animals they see native to their area. This should include birds and insects. On Monday, the class should consolidate their list and send it to me. If a scanner is available, scan some of the drawings and email them to me. I will do a similar activity except I will take digital pictures instead of making drawings. To find any animals, I will probably hike over to a penguin rookery. Hopefully, I will be able to tour one of the biology labs and get to see some animals that I wouldn't otherwise get exposure to.

Pre-experiment questions (the consensus of the class should be sent to me)

  • What animals do you think live on or around Antarctica?
  • Do you think there are any animals common to both your area and Antarctica?
  • Which place do you think has more life? Why?
  • How would you expect the animals in your environment to be different from ones in an Antarctic environment?
  • What do you think the differences are caused by?

Post-experiment questions

A lot of the animals from Antarctica look very differnt from the ones in your environment. Describe those differences.

  • Why do you think the animals are different?
  • What things are there in common between the animals of your area and of the Antarctic?
  • Why do the animals have anything in common?
  • How do the differences between the animals help them survive in their natural habitat?"