VSA Data Products at LAMBDA

The power spectrum is presented in Dickinson et al.(2004)
and cosmological interpretation in Rebolo et. al. (2004)

Results Released February 2004
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Power Spectrum and All Supporting Data
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The full VSA data set as a single tar file. Includes the following individual files.
1 file 164 KB
Root File with Power Spectrum
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VSAF.dataset - a self-explanatory root file containing a header and the angular power spectrum to l=1400. There is no beam uncertainty for VSA data and the overall calibration uncertainty is 3%. After the header, there are 16 data points corresponding to the peak of the power spectrum likelihood.
1 file 858 B
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VSAF_x.dat - the x-factors for the VSA data set (as explained in astro-ph/9808264, for example).
1 file 224 B
Hessian Matrix
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VSAF_mat.dat - the Hessian matrix of the VSA data set in the log-offset variables. 16^2=256 numbers are given. Because the matrix is symmetric, the order does not matter. More...
1 file 1.7 KB
Windows Functions - Individual
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VSAF* - 16 files with the window functions corresponding to each band power measurement. Each window file has two columns, the l value and the corresponding weight.
16 Files ~10 KB each
Windows Functions - Tar File
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The 16 individual windows functions as a tar file.
1 file 153 KB

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