Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe DR5

Markov Chain Analysis Software Patch

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Janary 2010: Repackaged for the seven year WMAP data release.

March 2008: Patch to CosmoMC Getdist analysis program, used to process WMAP5-formatted chains. Modified by Mike Nolta and Joanna Dunkley.

CosmoMC, found at http://cosmologist.info/cosmomc/, "is a Fortran 90 Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo engine for exploring cosmological parameter space. The Getdist application analyzes .txt files, calculating statistics and output files for the requested 1D, 2D and 3D plots." [Quote from the CosmoMC web site.]

To compile:

Download the latest (April 2008) version of CosmoMC. Make sure the tarball has the following md5sum:
$ md5sum cosmomc.tar.gz
225727da2a790eee819c69acb0836991 cosmomc.tar.gz

Unpack CosmoMC and copy the 1col.patch file from this distribution into the cosmomc directory and then:
$ cd cosmomc
$ patch -p1 < 1col.patch

Compile cosmomc/getdist as per the normal instructions.

To run:

./getdist 1col_distparams.ini

The parameters you want to process should sit in directories with chain number X=1,2,3...
For the majority of WMAP5 and WMAP7 chains, there is just one chain for each model, which sits in directory 'chain1'

You should modify the .ini file to show the file location, e.g.:

In the .ini file you can also modify the number of chains and the parameters in the chain. For more information please refer to the CosmoMC documentation.

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