WMAP DR1 Best-Fit Cosmological Parameters

The data made available through this page has been updated. The most recent version of this data may be accessed through https://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/product/wmap/current/

Table 3 of Bennett et al. (2003) summarizes the WMAP team's best-fit cosmological parameters derived from a combination of WMAP data with the COBE determination of the CMB temperature (Mather et al. 1999), plus the CBI (Pearson et al. 2002) and the ACBAR (Kuo et al. 2002) CMB measurements. Additional constraints were provided by the 2dFGRS survey determination of the galaxy fluctuation power spectrum (Percival et al. 2001), an estimate of the matter power spectrum based on Lyman-alpha data (Croft et al. 2002), the Hubble Key Project determination of the Hubble constant (Freedman et al. 2001), and supernova Type Ia data (Riess et al. 1998, Permutter et al. 1999). The quoted parameter values correspond to a model with a scale-dependent (running) primordial spectral index and reionization.

As a quick reference, the table of cosmological parameters is provided in both PDF and postscript formats:
ps (55 KB) / pdf (68 KB)


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