WMAP DR3 Sky Maps Per Frequency Band

The data made available through this page has been updated. The most recent version of this data may be accessed through https://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/product/wmap/current/"

Coordinate System:
Projection Type:
HEALPix, nested, res 9 (Nside=512)
0.23°- 0.93° (frequency dependent)
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Iterative algorithms are used to create skymaps from the calibrated differentialtime-ordered WMAP data for each of the ten differencing assemblies. Each pixel in a maprepresents a sky temperature for the bandpass appropriate to the differencing assembly. The CMB dipole has been removed from the Stokes I maps.

Maps for each year of WMAP data have been supplied through LAMBDA. Full five year maps wereproduced by performing a weighted, pixel-by-pixel, mean of the five single year maps; the N_Obsmeasurement was used to weight this mean. For the Stokes I maps, the mean temperature outside ofthe temperature analysis/KQ85 mask was subtracted from each single year map before the five yearweighted mean was calculated. The zero point of each five year Stokes I map has been set using aGalactic csc |b| model. The N_Obs measurements were added together to produce the final N_Obsmeasurement. In addition, the full five year Stokes I maps have been smoothed to 1° resolution andare supplied as a separate data product.

ISigmas 1.436 1.470 2.197 3.133 6.538
PSigmas 1.453 1.488 2.221 3.158 6.574

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