Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe DR4

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DR4 Point Source Variability Table

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This table lists flux densities for each year of the WMAP mission for each of the 471 sources in the five-band seven-year WMAP point source catalog. For each source, the yearly flux variation with respect to the seven-year mean flux was obtained by fitting a Gaussian to the (individual year minus seven-year) difference map for each year 1--7. The position of the Gaussian is fixed to the source position in the five year catalog and the width of the Gaussian is fixed to the beam width. The only free parameters are the Gaussian peak brightness and the baselevel. The table lists yearly flux densities obtained by adding the seven-year mean flux to the yearly flux variation. The error values can be used with year-to-year flux differences to estimate the significance of variability. For bands in which a seven-year flux is not listed in the point source catalog, the yearly fluxes and errors in this table are set to -9.99.

Col 1 Source Name
Cols 2 -- 3Galactic Longitude and Latitude
Col 4 Year of WMAP Mission
Cols 5 -- 9Yearly Flux (Jy) in K-W bands
Cols 10 -- 14Uncertainty in Yearly Flux Variation (Jy)
Col 155 GHz Identification
Col 16Flag for multiple 5 GHz identifications
Col 17WMAP DR1 Identification Number

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