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This is the software used by the WMAP team to compute Fisher and Master matrices, and to compute the likelihoods of various models.

This software is written in Fortran 90; it has been tested with the SGI MIPSpro, NAG, and Intel Fortran 90 compilers. It requires the following libraries:

  • The cfitsio library:
  • A set of Cholesky factorization routines. On the SGI systems, the SCSL Science Library contains the relevant routines; the LAPACK library can provide the routines on other systems.

Two tarballs are supplied.

  • The first contains all the supporting data the WMAP team used. The compressed file is 988MB in size, and it decompresses to 1705MB.
  • The second contains only the software; no supporting data is included, limiting its usefulness but resulting in a MUCH smaller file. The compressed file is 35kB in size, and it decompresses to 180kB.

To build it, you should edit the Makefile to support your current environment; the provided Makefile shows several possible configurations; these configurations have been tested.

make			# Builds the likelihood software library.
make check		# Builds and the test program, and diff's the output
			# to the correct results. 

Output differences of ~0.001 between platforms are normal.

A patch was provided to LAMBDA by Ted Kisner of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to allow the data directory to be identified through an environment variable. To install, retrieve the patch tarball from the download page, unpack it, and copy the patch file to the top level likelihood software directory. Execute the command:

patch -p1 patch_wmap_likelihood_p3v1

Then follow the build instructions above.

See "CHANGES" for the history of changes.


We thank the following individuals for useful feedback on previous versions of this code:

  • Rachel Bean
  • Olivier Dore
  • Hans Kristian Eriksen
  • Raphael Flauger
  • Kevin Huffenberger
  • Antony Lewis
  • Hiranya Peiris
  • Jon Sievers
  • Licia Verde

Tarball contents

The tarball contains a data subdirectory that contains various input files. These input files are either ASCII text files containing columns of data, or FITS files containing binary data.

The tarball also contains the following files:

  • README.txt
    A descriptive file.
  • test.f90
    A wrapper program shows you how to call the likelihood code and allow you to run and test it. For the test data provided you should get the output stored in output.std so you may compare your output to this with a simple diff command.
  • WMAP_9yr_likelihood.F90
    This is the central likelihood routine from which others are called.
    • MASTER codes for TTTT (l=2-1000) and TETE (l=2-450) + a log determinant term for TETE
    • The option of using a pixel based likelihood for TT 2≤l≤30 instead of MASTER
    • The option of using a gibbs-sampling likelihood for TT 2≤l≤32 instead of MASTER
    • The option of using a pixel based likelihood for TE, EE and BB 2≤l≤24 (this substitutes for MASTER TETE 2<l<24)
    • The option of using a pixel based likelihood for TE, TB, EE, BB and EB 2≤l≤24 (this substitutes for MASTER TETE 2<l<24).
    • The option of using a master likelihood for TB (l=2-450) + a log determinant term for TBTB
  • wmap_9yr_options.F90
    The options/parameters for use in the code are all contained the WMAP_options module; a sample is shown below.
  • WMAP_9yr_teeebb_pixlike.F90
    The low l TE/EE/BB combined pixel based analysis for l=2-23
  • WMAP_9yr_tetbeebbeb_pixlike.F90
    The low l TE/TB/EE/BB/EB combined pixel based analysis for l=2-23
  • WMAP_9yr_tt_beam_ptsrc_chisq.f90
    Extra chisq corrections in TTTT from the beams and point source uncertainties.
  • WMAP_9yr_gibbs.F90
    The low l TT gibbs-sampling likelihood code for l≤32.
  • WMAP_9yr_tt_pixlike.F90
    The low l TT pixel based likelihood code for l≤30.
  • wmap_9yr_util.f90
    IO tools and error checker.
  • read_archive_map.f90/read_archive_map.fh
    A subroutine that read a skymap from a binary table in a FITS file.
  • read_fits.f90/read_fits.fh
    A collections of subroutines that read two and three dimension floating point and complex arrays from the primary header/data unit of a FITS file.
  • br_mod_dist.f90
    An F90 module for computing the Blackwell-Rao estimator given signal samples from the posterior [Written by Hans Kristian Eriksen] Used by the low l TT gibbs-sampling likelihood option.
  • Makefile
    This is a standard makefile to compile the code.
  • data/
    A directory containing data necessary to the software.
    The list of changes made since the initial release.

Additional Information

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