WMAP DR 5 Release Notes for the Cosmological Parameters Table

  • Nine-Year Parameters Table
    • 30 December 2012
      • The fifth data release parameters table, associated with the final WMAP data release.

  • Seven-Year Parameters Table
    • 18 November 2010
      • Six additional sets of parameter chains were released for three models (ΛCDM+MNU, ΛCDM+NREL, and WCDM) and two data sets (WMAP and WMAP+H0). Version 4.1 of the WMAP likelihood software and RECFAST 1.5 were used.
    • 15 January 2010
      • The fourth data release parameters table.

  • Five-Year Parameters Table
    • 18 March 2008
      • Updated secondary parameters for models containing massive neutrinos. The initial release had an error in the derivation of the Hubble constant for these models (of order 2 km/s/Mpc), so secondary parameters that depend on H0 had a small error.
    • February 2008
      • The third data release parameters table.

  • Three-Year Parameters Table
    • 25 January 2007
      • The best-fit matter power spectra, P(k), are provided for all the supported model/dataset combinations in the table. Each of these files has two columns. The first column is k/h in units of Mpc-1. The second column is the linear matter power spectrum P(k), defined such that the variance is:
        σ2 = (2π)-3 ∫d3k P(k)
    • 12 January 2007
      • Three of the four new chains (lcdm/all, lcdm+sz=0/wmap, m2phi2/wmap) were updated by adding a constant offset to the log likelihood to bring them into agreement with the convention adopted with the other chains.
    • 10 January 2007
      • All of the entries were updated with better-converged chains in mid-2006. These are denoted "v2p1" chains in the Table. The results of this reprocessing did not materially affect any cosmological conclusions.
      • The following table entries have been updated with new parameter values and chains to reflect the changes in the low-l likelihood and the point source correction. These are denoted "v2p2" in the Table entries.
        • lcdm/wmap
        • lcdm/all
        • lcdm+sz=0/wmap
        • m2phi2/wmap (new)

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