ABS Data Products - Transfer Function

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The observing pattern, especially the overall height and width, determine which Fourier components of the sky can be measured. The observation turns the sky signal into a timestream for each detector, and timestream-level filters are applied in the pipeline analysis as part of the map-making process. The transfer function, denoted F_ℓ in the paper, describes the power reduction in terms of C_ℓ due to these filters. This file, containing numerical values of F_ℓ, tells you the fraction of the total power in the full sky EE and BB spectra that make it into our power spectra. For example, if the power in EE at ell=55 is 0.33 (uK)2 it would show up in the raw ABS power spectra as 0.33*0.39 (uK)2. We then divide by the transfer function to recover the true power.

If you use these data products please acknowledge Kusaka et al.

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