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If you use these data products please acknowledge Kusaka et al.

ABS 2018 Data Release
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Field A Maps
These are the coadded maps of Q and U for Field A shown in the bottom two panels of Figure 4 in Kusaka et al. The HEALPix FITS file contains the following fields in order: More...
1 file 3.6 MB
Field A Mask
The ABS Field A mask excludes sources with flux density greater than 1000 mJy and applies a taper at the field edge boundary. This mask is applied to the maps before taking the power spectra.
1 file 3.2 MB
Field A Spatial Window Function
The ABS Field A Spatial Window Function includes the mask and inverse noise weighting for the Field A map.
1 file 3.2 MB
Window Function
This is the Hankel transform of the convolution of the beam and the pointing error (or jitter), effectively representing the effect of smearing of the map due to these effects. The first column is ℓ and the second column is the Legendre coefficient in the expansion. The square of the second column is the window function. The window function is shown in Figure 2 of Kusaka et al.
1 file 18 KB
Tau A Map
This file contains Stokes Q and U maps of the supernova remnant Taurus A in FITS format. There are three FITS HDUs, corresponding to the Q, U, and variance maps. More...
1 file 985 KB
ABS Bandpowers
These are the final power spectra from the ABS experiment. More...
3 files < 981 bytes
Map Simulations
These 100 files contain realizations of the noise in the ABS maps. These realizations are generated using the observations that went into the final maps. In particular, they include pixel-to-pixel correlations and long timescale correlated, or so-called 1/f, noise.
100 files 3.6 MB each
Transfer Function
The observing pattern, especially the overall height and width, determine which Fourier components of the sky can be measured. More...
1 file 332 bytes
This is the likelihood function normalized to unity at the peak for the primordial tensor to scalar ratio, as shown in Figure 11 of Kusaka et al.
1 file 20 KB

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