CLASS 40 GHz 2016 - 2022 Observations (DR1)

Noise Simulations

Coordinate System:
Projection Type:
HEALPix, ring, Nside=128
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The CLASS noise simulations were generated using the Fourier domain noise model inferred during the mapmaking procedure; see Li et al. (2023). Random time domain realizations constrained to be consistent with the noise spectrum were then mapped to generate noise simulations appropriate for use in characterizing the mapped data.

There are 200 noise simulations for each of the three delivered map sets: the full CLASS 2016 - 2022 survey interval (coadd), the m1 base split (m1) and the m2 base split (m2). These have been packaged as three compressed tar files, one each for coadd, m1 and m2.

Additional Information:

CLASS Data Pipeline and Maps for 40 GHz Observations through 2022, Li et al. (2023)

CLASS Angular Power Spectra and Map-Component Analysis for 40 GHz Observations through 2022, Eimer et al. (2023)

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