CLASS Data Products

2016-2022 CLASS 40 GHz Products (DR1)
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Polarization Maps
Stokes Q, U and V maps, including full survey and data splits. More...
3 files, 6.8 MB each
Mapping Transfer Function
Mapping transfer function in the harmonic domain. More...
2 Files, 11 MB each
Beam Information
Beam profile and transfer function. More...
2 Files, 13.6 KB
Adopted 40 GHz bandpass for the 2016 - 2022 observations. More...
1 File, 4.4 KB
Noise Simulations
Simulations of instrument and mapping noise for statistical tests. More...
3 files, 308 MB each
Polarization sky masks used for analysis. More...
3 files <= 16 MB
Polarized Synchrotron Spectral Index
Polarized synchrotron spectral index (βs) map made by analyzing the CLASS 40 GHz data with the lower frequency WMAP K-band data. More...
2 files, 200 KB each
Reobserved Maps of External Data
WMAP and Planck data that have been processed through the CLASS mapping pipeline for use in combination with the 40 GHz maps. More...
4 files, 2.4 MB each
2016-2018 Circular Polarization
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Circular polarization
wget download script   curl download script
The provided product is a single file containing four columns More...
1 file 306 bytes
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Color Correction and Unit Conversion notebook
Jupyter notebook describing CLASS implementation of conversion from thermodynamic temperature to antenna temperature, including terms for color correction of a power-law SED and thermodynamic to Rayleigh-Jeans unit conversion. More...
1 file 1.2 MB
Polarized millimeter-wave atmospheric emission model
wget download script   curl download script
Code that simulates millimeter-wave atmospheric emission, including polarization. More...
1 file 935 KB
wget download script   curl download script
Code that allows for quick interpolation between Cosmic Microwave Background polarized power spectra as a function of scalar fluctuations, tensor fluctuations, and the optical depth to reionization. More...
1 file 57.4 MB

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