DIRBE Explanatory Supplement

Version 2.3 (dated 14 January 1998) of the DIRBE Explanatory Supplement is now on line. It contains detailed descriptions of the DIRBE instrument, its calibration and operation, and the DIRBE data products.

To view the PostScript files corresponding to individual chapters of the Explanatory Supplement, click on the section names below:

Alternatively, you may wish to retrieve the LaTeX manuscript and Encapsulated PostScript versions of the figures. The relevant files come in a single package and can be downloaded as a compressed tar file des v2 3 tar.z (Recommended download procedure for '.fits' or '.tar.gz' files right click on the file name and save). UNIX users should download the compressed tar file and then rename, "uncompress," and unpack it as follows:

    % mv des_v2_3_tar.Z des_v2_3.tar.Z
    % uncompress des_v2_3.tar
    % tar xvf des_v2_3.tar

Use the following commands to process the document:

    > latex des_v2.3
    > dvips des_v2

Color versions of some of the figures are available.

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