DIRBE Data Products

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Annual Average Sky Maps
Average of intensities for all 10 bands over the entire cryogenic mission; 1 file per band. More...
10 files 11 MB each
Calibrated Annual File (DCAF)
Merged, pixel-ordered, weekly-averaged intensities for cryogenic mission. One file per face of the skycube. More...
6 files ~200 MB each
Calibrated Individual Observations (CIO)
1/8th sec sampled sky survey data listed in pixel order for each day of the cryogenic mission. More...
285 files 60 MB each
CIO Pixel Index
Specifies which pixels are covered in each daily CIO file, and which rows in the CIO file contain data for a given pixel. More...
285 files 1 MB each
DCAF Pixel Index
Specifies which rows in the DCAF file contain data for each DIRBE pixel, and for which weeks of the mission More...
6 files 1 MB each
e = 90° Sky Maps
Intensities for all 10 bands for the special case of e = 90° ; 1 file per band. More...
10 files 13 MB each
Galactic Plane Maps
Galactic plane subset of e = 90° Sky Maps; Limited to a 6 month interval. More...
1 file 6 MB
Time-Ordered Data
Calibrated time-ordered data; 1 file per week of optimized cryogenic operation. More...
40 files 190 MB each
Weekly Sky Maps
Weekly-averaged intensities for 10 bands and Stokes Q and U parameters for 1.25, 2.2, and 3.5 µn bands: 1 file per week. More...
41 files 28 MB each
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DIRBE Sky And Zodi Atlas (DSZA)
Augmented form of the DCAF; includes a modeled IPD intensity for each week and each wavelength. More...
6 files ~200 MB each
Faint Source Model
Predicted contribution to the diffuse sky brightness due to (faint) stars and other discrete galactic sources. Model sky maps at 1.25, 2.2, 3.5, 4.9, 12 and 25 µn. More...
6 files 5 MB each
Photometric Standard Values
Names, positions, and photometric data for the 92 objects used to establish the baseline relative celestial calibration system. More...
1 file .01 MB each
Pixel Index to DSZA
Analogous to the DCAF pixel index, but for the DSZA. More...
6 files 1 MB each
Solar System Objects Data
DIRBE observations of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Ceres, Palas, and Vesta, including flux density measurements and ancillary data. More...
7 files .05 MB each
Zodi-Subtracted Mission Average Maps (ZSMA)
Average sky brightness after removal of the DIRBE IPD model for each of the 10 wavelength bands. More...
10 files 6.3 MB each
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Beam Characteristics
Table of beam centroids and solid angles as a function of time. More...
1 file 3.2 KB
Beam Profiles
Effective two-dimensional shape of DIRBE beam for each detector. More...
16 files .5 MB each
Color Corrections
Color correction factors needed in case source spectrum is not vIv = constant. More...
1 file 37 KB
DIRBE SkyMap Info
Documentation of the Quad-Sphere projection at DIRBE resolution. This file does not contain any instrument data. More...
1 file 12 MB
System Responses
Normalized system spectral response functions for each wavelength band. More...
1 file 63 KB
TOD Record Structure
Condensed listing of the record structure and contents of the DIRBE Time-Ordered Data. More...
1 file 38 KB
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Point Source Catalogs at ETSU Site
An all-sky catalog containing infrared photometry in 10 bands from 1.25 to 240 microns for 11,788 of the brightest near and mid-infrared point sources in the sky.

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