Glitch Rate Correction Parameters

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This file contains the glitchrate correction slopes and intercepts for the FIRAS data. These corrections were computed for each channel and scan mode by a linear lease squares fit to the average variance and glitch rate of each calibrated sky spectrum. The average variance for a spectrum is defined to be: ((Nifgs * Real_Var) / D-Vector2) / Nfreq. These corrections are used in the following manner: Nifgs' = Nifgs / (Intercept + Slope * Glitchrate).

The spectra used in these computations were calibrated with the F16_93HYBRID calibration model solutions. For each row above, entries are in the order short slow, short fast, and long fast.

  0.3181130953125  0.2140692412586  0.0966526586767  !  RH slopes
  1.4352805363822  0.8577051984544  0.5659091990933  !  RL slopes
  1.5191090347109  0.7266698341443  0.2082700179341  !  LH slopes
  0.9033791223006  1.1911192067644  0.7500055772031  !  LL slopes

  0.8077706519285  0.8747664977663  0.9388613541838  !  RH intercepts
  0.4982031329753  0.7114551425149  0.8027039679998  !  RL intercepts
  0.8917235659124  0.9526830996467  0.9840390263056  !  LH intercepts
  0.6036605718068  0.6089863134529  0.6825380479394  !  LL intercepts

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