Transport Mechanism scan times

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Times are used in the computation of the midpoint and end of collect time for the interferograms. Times in tenths of microsecond are for quadword use.

This file contains values determined from NFS_ANC data.

Information on MTM sweeps and flyback provided for STX

Assumptions:	1. Total Time = Turn Around + Sweep + Flyback
		2. Total Time > Valid Time during Sweep and Flyback
		3. The Total Times given in the comments of the data
		statements / 2 are the Half Sweep Flyback Times needed
		needed for the midpoint of collect computation.
		4. The Total Times are the current measured values 
		for each MTM scan mode. They are not expected to change.

-------------------------Time when data was determined in gmt-----------------
-------------------------Total Times------------------------------------------
  34600000	! Total Time: short-slow, 3.46 sec.
 112300000	! Total Time: long-slow, 11.23 sec.
  24600000	! Total Time: short-fast, 2.46 sec.
  79400000	! Total Time: long-fast, 7.94 sec.
-------------------------Now just the flyback times:---------------------------
   4200000	! FlyBack Time: short-slow, 0.42 sec.
  13500000	! FlyBack Time: long-slow, 1.35 sec.
   4200000	! FlyBack Time: short-fast, 0.42 sec.
  13500000	! FlyBack Time: long-fast, 1.35 sec.

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