Planck Third Party Products

Data products created using Planck data, but not included as part of the official Planck Data Releases.

Planck Third Party Products
Name Release Date Description
SRoll 2.0 Maps and Simulations
SRoll2 site, ADS
2019 Intensity and polarization maps generated from Planck HFI observations at 100, 143, 217 and 353 GHz, using version 2.0 of the SRoll destriping algorithm. Version 2.0 products are intended to further reduce large-scale systematics not fully removed in the HFI legacy maps using the original SRoll algorithm. Simulations are also provided, along with a likelihood as described in Pagano et al. 2019.
SRoll2.2 Maps
SRoll2 site
2019 Intensity and polarization maps generated from Planck HFI observations at 100, 143, 217, 353, 545 and 857 GHz using version 2.2 of the SRoll destriping algorithm. This data release includes individual detector maps in addition to frequency maps. Changes compared to the SRoll2.0 algorithm and a caveat regarding the use of the SRoll2.2 maps are given on the SRoll site.
SRoll3.0 857 GHz Map
SRoll site, ADS
2020 Intensity maps generated from Planck HFI 857 GHz observations using the SRoll 3.0 neural network based data inversion algorithm to reduce large-scale systematic effects. The algorithm predominantly targets reduction of far sidelobe pickup in the maps. The data release is comprised of individual 857 GHz detector maps for the full mission, the first half of the mission and the second half of the mission.
Lenz et al. CIB Maps
2019 Large-scale CIB maps of Lenz et al. 2019 formed from Planck HFI 353, 545, and 857 GHz intensity maps using an H I template method to remove foreground Galactic dust emission for approximately 25% of the sky. Other data products include CIB auto and cross power spectra and CIB-CMB lensing cross power spectra.
BeyondPlanck Global Bayesian Analysis
BeyondPlanck Website, ADS
2020 Reprocessing of Planck Low Frequency Instrument data (30, 44, and 70 GHz) from raw time-ordered observations, including joint determination of instrument, astrophysical, and cosmological parameters through Gibbs sampling. Also includes some external data sets such as WMAP. Released products include new full-sky maps at each frequency channel, estimates of polarized synchrotron emission, and likelihood code for large-scale CMB polarization analysis. The software necessary for the time-domain analysis is public under an Open Science license.

Reproduction of Planck 2018 results using Simons Observatory pipeline, ADS
2021 Reproduction of Planck 2018 angular power spectra in temperature and polarization, and associated covariance matrices, using public Planck data products. Power spectra and LCDM cosmological parameters match the Planck versions to 10% of the statistical uncertainty or better. The code pipeline is available as part of the Simons Observatory PSpipe package, found here

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