POLARBEAR CIB Cross-correlation Data Products on LAMBDA

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The data release for the polarization lensing - CIB cross-correlation measured by POLARBEAR describes four cross-powers, resulting from the use of two lensing estimators (EB and EE) on two patches of sky (the POLARBEAR RA23 and RA12 fields). These cross-power measurements are contained in the following files.

1. dataPointsEBEE2312.txt
This file contains data points for all four cross powers as described above. The first and second columns contain lower and upper ell bounds of the flat bandpowers, the third column contains the mean ell of each bandpower, the fourth contains the lensing-CIB cross-power for the EB estimator on patch RA23, the fifth contains EB on RA12, the sixth contains EE on RA23, and the seventh contains EE on RA12.

2. - 5. covEBRA23.txt, covEBRA12.txt, covEERA23.txt, covEERA12.txt
These files contain bandpower covariance matrices for the four cross-powers arising from the different combinations of estimator (EB/EE) and field (RA23/RA12). The covariance matrices are those appropriate for ruling out the null hypothesis of no lensing, i.e. they contain no lensing signal variance.

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