QUaD Third Data release (June 2009)

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Based on an analysis of second and third season data, and as described in Brown et al. (2009) - arXiv:0906.1003

For this release we provide the data in a slightly modified (but fully backward-compatible) version of the ".newdat" format as used with CosmoMC. Because the uncertainties on our beams are not well described by an uncertainty in the effective FWHM, we explicitly provide the fractional uncertainties on the beam transfer function (Delta B_l^2/B_l^2) for each band power as an extra column in the data files. We provide a backward-compatible version of CosmoMC's cmbdata.F90 which can handle the modified ".newdat" format. The file is here.

The data is provided for two independent pipelines. (Obviously you should only use one.)

Here are some notes describing the format.

Here are the data as .tar.gz file - download these into your cosmomc base directory, type e.g. "gunzip QUAD_pipeline1_2009.tar.gz", and then "tar xf QUAD_pipeline1_2009.tar". This will place the relevant files into the data and data/windows sub-directories:

Pipeline 1 gzipped tar file

Pipeline 2 gzipped tar file

These files are also available unpacked so you can examine the contents prior to download:

Pipeline 1 unpacked

Pipeline 2 unpacked

If you just want to add the QUaD points to a plot here are simple files containing the bandpowers and errors:

Pipeline 1 simple plot file

Pipeline 2 simple plot file

If you want to add QUaD's 95% upper limits on the B-mode spectrum to a plot, here is a simple file containing QUaD's BB limits as plotted in Fig. 12 of arXiv:0906.1003.

If you have any questions regarding this data set or its use please contact Michael Brown (mbrown_at_mrao.cam.ac.uk).

The information on this page was taken from the QUaD website.

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