QUaD 20098 - Third Pol Release Data Products on LAMBDA

The original files on this page that were described as convolved actually contained the same data as the deconvolved files. As of February 2017 they have been replaced with files that have the correct data, and also have previous minor changes to the headers to make them compliant with FITS standards. These files have '_v3' in the filenames. Minor FITS header changes were also applied to the original deconvolved files and these files have '_v2' in the file names.

Recommended download procedure for '.fits' or '.tar.gz' files:
right click on the file name and save. For more information on the use of Dataset IDs,
see the LAMBDA Products Overview.

Third (final) Pol Release
Dataset Id
File Info
File Name
Delivery Date
4 mb QUAD_pipeline1_2009.tar.gz
4 mb QUAD_pipeline2_2009.tar.gz
Pipeline1 Unpacked
344 kb QUAD_pipeline1_2009.newdat.txt
Pipeline1 Unpacked
344 kb QUAD_pipeline2_2009.newdat.txt
Pipeline1 Windows Functions Tarfile
30.8 mb QUAD_pipeline1_windows.tar
Pipeline2 Windows Functions Tarfile
33.2 mb QUAD_pipeline2_windows.tar
95% upper limits on the B-mode power spectrum
602 bytes QUAD_95pc_BB_limits.dat
Pipeline 1 simple plot file
5 kb QUAD_pipeline1_2009.dat.txt
Pipeline 2 simple plot file
5 kb QUAD_pipeline2_2009.dat.txt

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