QUIJOTE Publications

  • QUIJOTE Scientific Results -- XVII. Studying the Anomalous Microwave Emission in the Andromeda Galaxy with QUIJOTE-MFI, Fernández-Torreiro, M., et.al., 2023arXiv230508547F, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- XIII. Intensity and polarization study of supernova remnants in the QUIJOTE-MFI wide survey: CTB 80, Cygnus Loop, HB 21, CTA 1, Tycho and HB 9, López-Caraballo, Carlos Hugo, et.al., 2023arXiv230715518L, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- X. Spatial variations of Anomalous Microwave Emission along the Galactic plane, Fernández-Torreiro, M., et.al., 2023arXiv230506762F, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- IX. Radio sources in the QUIJOTE-MFI wide survey maps, Herranz, D., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3526H, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- VIII. Diffuse polarized foregrounds from component separation with QUIJOTE-MFI, de la Hoz, E., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3504D, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- VII. Galactic AME sources in the QUIJOTE-MFI Northern Hemisphere Wide-Survey, Poidevin, F., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3481P, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- VI. The Haze as seen by QUIJOTE, Guidi, F., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3460G, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- V. The microwave intensity and polarisation spectra of the Galactic regions W49, W51 and IC443, Tramonte, D., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3432T, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results -- IV. A northern sky survey in intensity and polarization at 10-20GHz with the Multi-Frequency Instrument, Rubino-Martin, J. A., et.al., 2023MNRAS.519.3383R, ADS / astro-ph

  • Searching for dark-matter waves with PPTA and QUIJOTE pulsar polarimetry, Castillo, Andrés, et.al., 2022JCAP...06..014C, ADS / astro-ph

  • The PICASSO map-making code: application to a simulation of the QUIJOTE northern sky survey, Guidi, F., et.al., 2021MNRAS.507.3707G, ADS / astro-ph

  • Detection of Spectral Variations of Anomalous Microwave Emission with QUIJOTE and C-BASS, Cepeda-Arroita, R., et.al., 2021MNRAS.503.2927C, ADS / astro-ph

  • 28 -- 40 GHz variability and polarimetry of bright compact sources in the QUIJOTE cosmological fields, Perrott, Yvette C., et.al., 2021MNRAS.502.4779P, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results. III. Microwave spectrum of intensity and polarization in the Taurus molecular cloud Complex and L1527, Poidevin, F., et.al., 2019MNRAS.486..462P, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results. II. Polarisation Measurements of the Microwave Emission in the Galactic molecular complexes W43 and W47 and supernova remnant W44, Génova-Santos, R., et.al., 2017MNRAS.464.4107G, ADS / astro-ph

  • QUIJOTE scientific results - I. Measurements of the intensity and polarisation of the anomalous microwave emission in the Perseus molecular complex, Génova-Santos, R., et.al., 2015MNRAS.452.4169G, ADS / astro-ph

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