South Pole Telescope (SPT)

Component Maps, SPT-SZ Survey Maps and Supporting Products

Individual map and mask .fits files (as well as the .zip bundles we host here) are available for download from

Flat sky maps and masks


Here we provide 0.25 arcminute pixelized flat sky maps for the 19 SPT-SZ fields. These maps are provided in the Sanson-Flamsteed projection for which lines of constant declination are parallel to the x-axis. We provide both total survey and first half field/second half field observations maps. The latter are intended to be useful for the production of null noise maps and in power spectrum analyses. The minimum variance map is smoothed to 1.25 arcmin resolution while the component-nulled maps are smoothed to 1.75 arcmin resolution.


Point source masks with masks of 20 arcmin radii surrounding sources >250 mJy at 150 GHz in SPT-SZ data, 10 arcmin radii around sources brighter than 100 mJy at 150 GHz in SPT-SZ data, and 4 arcmin radii surrounding sources detected at >5 sigma in SPT-SZ 150 GHz data (e.g., the same cut as in Bleem et al. 2015, ApJS, 216, 27) are provided. For more details, see Bleem+21 Section 2.3.

Dust masks masking the "dustiest" 2.5/5% regions of the SPT-SZ survey. See details in Section 3.3 of Bleem+21.

Example 2D transfer functions

We provide an example transfer function suitable for analysis of the a 2000 x 2000 pixel cutout of the flat sky survey maps with a pixel scale of 0.25 arcmin. The file ellgrid.fits contains the corresponding ell values.

HEALPix maps and masks

We provide HEALPix NSIDE=8192 total survey and half-survey maps for the component products discussed in this work. Point source masks and Dusty region masks as detailed above in the flat sky description are also provided in the HEALPix NSIDE=8192 format.

1D Frequency Weights and trough filter

Frequency weights: We provide azimuthally averaged 1d ell-space band weights for the SPT-SZ and Planck bands for each component map provided.

"Trough" Filter (Please see details in Section 3.4 of Bleem+21)

This file (sptsz_trough_filter_1d.txt) contains azimuthally averaged 1d ell-space "trough filter" used to suppress at low ell_x and high ell_y. The version of the filter contained here is appropriate for correcting power spectra (i.e., it is the map-level filter transfer function squared). To correct for the full effect of the filtering applied to the maps in a power spectrum analysis this trough filter can be multiplied by a 1.25 or 1.75 arcmin smoothing beam squared.

SPT-SZ Survey Maps and Supporting Products

Here we provide the SPT-SZ frequency maps, noise power spectral densities (PSDs), bandpasses of the SPT-SZ detectors (See Bleem+21 Section 2.1.4), and transfer function plus beam estimates for the SPT-SZ maps used to construct the component maps in this work. We also provide a table with the field boundaries to aid in the identification of in which field a given right accession/declination on the sky resides.

Additional Details:

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