SPT Data Products

Recommended download procedure for '.fits' or '.tar.gz' files:
right click on the file name and save. For more information on the use of Dataset IDs,
see the LAMBDA Products Overview.

Scripts using wget and curl have been provided to facilitate bulk download of the data on this page:

wget download script   curl download script

SPT-SZ Survey Maps and Supporting Products
Dataset Id
File Info
File Name
Delivery Date
Table of SPT-SZ Fields (RA, decl, observing year)
1 KB sptsz_fields.txt
SPT-SZ Frequency Maps and Power Spectral Density Estimates
9.2 GB SPTSZ_ymap_run.zip
Table of SPT-SZ Fields in PDF Format (RA, decl)
582 KB SPT_field_boundaries.pdf
Bandpasses for the SPT-SZ Detectors
16 KB bandpasses.tar.gz
Transfer Function and Beam Estimates for SPT-SZ Maps
536 MB transfer_function_plus_beam.tar.gz

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