Foreground Polarization

Three-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Foreground Polarization, A. Kogut, et al., 2007ApJ...665..355K, reprint / preprint (0.6MB) / bundled figures (298KB) / individual figures / ADS / astro-ph

WMAP Three-year Paper Figures, Kogut, et al.
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Kogut Fig. 1
Estimated signal variance at each WMAP frequency band for 3.°7 pixels. The solid line shows a two-component fit with power-law synchrotron and thermal dust emission assuming no spatial correlations between the two components.
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Kogut Fig. 2
Spectral index of polarized synchrotron emission between 22 and 33 GHz (Mollweide projection in Galactic coordinates). The map has been smoothed with a position-dependent tophat varying from 7° radius near the plane to 18° radius at high latitude.
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Kogut Fig. 3
Spectral index of polarized synchrotron emission binned by Galactic latitude. The spectral index steepens off the Galactic plane. Similar behavior is observed in external edge-on spiral galaxies.
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Kogut Fig. 4
Polarized synchrotron model parameters. (Top) Antenna temperature
P = (Q²+U²)0.5 of polarized synchrotron emission at K band. Vectors indicate the polarization direction. (Bottom) Synchrotron fractional polarization, derived by dividing the polarized model by the unpolarized maximum-entropy synchrotron model at K band.
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Kogut Fig. 5
Histogram of synchrotron fractional polarization fs. (Top) High latitude region outside the P06 mask. (Middle) Mid-latitude region inside P06 but with |b| > 5°. (Bottom) Galactic plane, |b| < 5°.
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Kogut Fig. 6
Synchrotron fractional polarization fs binned by Galactic latitude for the northern (filled symbols) and southern (open symbols) hemispheres. Each point shows the mean fractional polarization fs for all pixels in a latitude bin with signal-to-noise ratio greater than one.
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Kogut Fig. 7
Polarized foreground model and residuals for the pixel-by-pixel polarization model. (Left) Antenna temperature of polarized emission at each band. The polarization direction is not shown. (Right) Residuals after subtracting foreground model.
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Kogut Fig. 8
CMB power spectra outside the P06 mask, derived from Q and V band data after subtracting two different foreground models. (top) EE power spectra. (bottom) BB power spectra. The CMB spectra are robust with respect to different foreground models.
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