DIRBE Point Source Photometry Using Calibrated Individual Observations (CIO)

This interactive service permits browsing of the DIRBE data for investigations of bright point sources with well-known coordinates. (Click here for a more detailed description.) If you use this service in your research, please include the following acknowledgement in your paper: "This research used the DIRBE Point Source Photometry Research Tool, a service provided by the Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center."

I. On-source position
(e.g., 10h16m24s or 10.273)
(e.g., -25d19m34s or -25.33)
An object name query can be used to obtain source coordinates using the service of the SIMBAD database at CDS Strasbourg or the service of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED).
III. Choose ONE Of The Following Four Options.
(range: -20 to 264)
Produces a table of beam-corrected photometry over the requested DIRBE mission days. The results will be returned by E-mail (usually within 30 minutes).
(range: -20 to 264)
(range: -20 to 264)
(e.g. user@college.edu)

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