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These online versions of the IRAS documentation were produced jointly by the Astrophysics Data Facility at NASA GSFC and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC). Our intent is to make the documentation that is very important for interpretation of the IRAS data as easily obtainable as the IRAS data products themselves.

The format of these online documents was designed by Scott Chester (IPAC). The documents are complete versions of the printed volumes, with corrections and updates as noted. Links between the documents, to data sources, and to cited literature have been added. Other volumes of IRAS documentation are being prepared for inclusion here.

Available Titles

IRAS Catalogs and Atlases Explanatory Supplement

C. A. Beichman, G. Neugebauer, H. J. Habing,
P. E. Clegg, and T. J. Chester

IRAS Sky Survey Atlas Explanatory Supplement

S. Wheelock, T. N. Gautier III, J. Chillemi, D. Kester,
H. McCallon, C. Oken, J. White, D. Gregorich,
F. Boulanger, J. Good, and T. Chester

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