DIRBE Small Source Spectral Energy Distributions

This interactive service permits browsing of the DIRBE data for preliminary investigations of potential point sources. Definitive studies of DIRBE point sources should be conducted using the DIRBE Point Source Photometry Research Tool, which extracts photometry from the time-ordered data (see section 5.6.6 of the DIRBE Explanatory Supplement). Given an on-source position and offsets for reference positions, this service displays the on-source, average off-source, and difference intensities for the DIRBE wavelength range, 1.25-240 microns. A brief explanation of this form is available.

Enter the coordinates and select the system and epoch of the position of interest. For the reference positions, specify the angular offsets, the directions, and the system. The integral flux will be estimated for the wavelength integration range specified.

On-source position
(e.g., 10h16m24s or 10.273)
(e.g., -25d19m34s or -25.33)
An object name query can be used to obtain source coordinates using the service of the SIMBAD database at CDS Strasbourg or the service of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED).
Reference positions
Offset directions: (select at least two directions)
(decimal degrees)

Integration range
(microns, >= 1.25)
(microns, <= 240)

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